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JAGSoM Commences its PGDM Program for the Class of 2025 with Focus on Academic and Cultural Diversity


  • Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) has been recently ranked 13th amongst the private Business Schools in India by Business Today.

  • JAGSoM proudly welcomed its 29th PGDM batch on the 17th of July. JAGSoM’s PGDM batch of 2023-25 stands out due to its academic diversity, with over 80 percent of the batch comprising of Non-engineering students from various academic backgrounds including Lawyers and Medical practitioners. The cohort represents a wide range of cultures and geographical regions, with students hailing from 26 states across India.


Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM), ranked 13th amongst the private Business Schools in India by Business Today, held the commencement ceremony of its PGDM 2023-25 batch on the 17th of July, 2023. JAGSoM is amongst the select few Business Schools in India with an International Profile: AACSB Accredited & QS Ranked for Marketing, Finance and Analytics programs.


JAGSoM inaugurates its 29th PGDM batch with various academic backgrounds, cultures, and geographic diversity


JAGSoM’s distinctive admission process has resulted in a highly diverse PGDM 2023-25 batch, showcasing greater academic and cultural representation. The Class of 2025 comprises of students with remarkable achievements, ranging from sportsmen and chess champions to authors and dancers. JAGSoM’s commitment to diversity fosters an inclusive and dynamic learning environment, preparing students to excel in their future professional pursuits.


JAGSoM firmly embraces the sacred bond of knowledge transmission between the mentor and the student, following the revered tradition of guru-shishya. The commencement ceremony started in the JAGSoM way through the ‘Diksha-Aarambh’ ceremony.


Welcoming the students, Mr. Sanjay Padode, Co-Founder of JAGSoM and President of Vijaybhoomi University, said, “It is due to the culmination of humanity’s collective efforts to simplify life, which has propelled us close to the point of singularity. When I mention singularity, I acknowledge that its meaning might not be universally understood. To put it briefly, singularity refers to the juncture at which machines and humans possess comparable capabilities, blurring the line between them. The development was initially intended to simplify life. However, it has resulted in heightened anxiety and uncertainty, which we are currently experiencing.


Mr. Padode urged the students to contemplate the evolving landscape of AI and employability. He highlighted, “This reality will inevitably raise questions of uncertainty and insecurity, pondering where you stand when a machine can replace you. Rest assured, this question has troubled individuals throughout generations and is not a novel phenomenon. What sets the present apart is the velocity at which change is occurring. Therefore, it is crucial for you to cultivate resilience within yourself – an ability to perseverance, absorb change and adopt.


Therefore, students should position themselves on a platform that aligns with this notion, enabling them to launch their careers with this mindset. “You will soon be competing with machines which can have the ability to do that job better than you. Develop the capacity of your brain for computing data and don’t depend on gadgets to slow your pace down,Mr. Padode concluded.


Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay, Director, JAGSoM, further added, “JAGSoM stands out from other business schools due to our diverse range of interventions such as the ‘Personality Enhancement Program,’ ‘Innovation Incubation Program,’ and ‘Social Immersion Program.’ These courses play a crucial role in fostering empathy and innovation that are essential for personal development. As you grow in your professional life, in the initial stages of your career, you will need technical skills to perform in your first job. As you grow to become a CXO, people skills will assume more significance. The foundation of the curriculum is such that in the first three terms you will be studying what is required in the long run. In the second year, which is term four onwards, you will be studying courses aligned to your careers. JAGSoM’s ‘Role-Defined Career Tracks’ are a unique intervention to make this happen.” JAGSoM offers 7 career tracks, namely MarTech, Sales & Services, Business Analytics, Banking, Capital Markets, Financial Analytics & Technologies, and Human Resources Management.


The Chief Guest, Ms. Vijaya Ghosh, Managing Director- CGS Data and AI Practice Lead, Strategy and Consulting Global Network, Accenture, imparted her wisdom to the audience, emphasizing three essential skills that students should focus on during their college years. She said, “To maximize your potential, it is crucial to master the art of making impactful presentations. Additionally, make the most of your industry interactions by using them wisely to learn, expand your knowledge, and ask insightful questions. Lastly, recognize the immense value of peer interactions. These interactions are like gold mines for your future self. They hold more significance than LinkedIn connections or online connections, serving as the most powerful tool that will support you throughout your career.”


The students of the batch were also privileged to hear from one of JAGSoM’s distinguished alumnus Mr. Sukhendu Rautela (Batch 1997-99), who is currently serving as the Director- Global Account Manager, IDC. He shared his valuable insights, stating, “My association with JAGSoM has been instrumental in ensuring my relevance in the industry. The institution’s practice-based courses and mentors with industry exposure have played a vital role in my professional growth.” Mr. Rautela emphasized the importance of certain key factors for personal and professional development, stating, “Learning to listen attentively and being adaptable are crucial for success in life. Change is inevitable, and it is essential to embrace it. Additionally, working smarter, not harder, is the key to achieving one’s goals effectively.”


JAGSoM’s 2023-25 Batch Profile: Key Highlights

JAGSoM’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Batch of 2023-25 is comprised of a diverse set of participants, ensuring an inclusive learning environment. A snapshot of JAGSoM’s PGDM Batch of 2023-25 is given below:



The PGDM Batch of 2023-25 comprises over 37% women participants from various academic backgrounds. This gender inclusivity fosters a collaborative learning environment, stimulates a range of perspectives, and promotes a vibrant exchange of ideas.


Academic background

In contrast to other Indian business schools, JAGSoM’s PGDM 2023-25 batch stands out with more than 80% of participants coming from non-engineering educational backgrounds. Non-engineers in the PGDM 2023-25 Batch hail from diverse educational backgrounds and include graduates of Bachelor’s degrees in Dental Surgery, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Pharmacy, Journalism & Mass Communication, and Law, among others.


32.6% of the Batch hail from Commerce backgrounds, 24.6% from Business administration / Management backgrounds, 17.8% from Engineering backgrounds, 12.9% from Science backgrounds, 7.8% come from Arts backgrounds, with the remaining participants from Medical sciences, Law and Hotel Management backgrounds.


States represented

The cohort represents a wide range of cultures and geographical regions, with students hailing from 26 states across India, predominantly from the South (39.6%), East (35.3%), and North (32.6%).


A large majority of students hail from West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar and Tamil Nadu, with a significant number hailing from Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim, Goa, and Jammu & Kashmir.



30% of the Batch consists of professionals with corporate work experience, with the remainder consisting of freshers from various academic backgrounds. The substantial number of experienced professionals in the batch ensures a dynamic learning environment where classroom discussions are enriched with real-world insights and practical perspectives.


Extra-curricular Achievements

The PGDM 2023-25 cohort at JAGSoM is filled with exceptionally talented individuals who have achieved remarkable success in various extracurricular endeavors. Their achievements span from international championships to national platforms, showcasing their exceptional skills and capabilities.


International & National Achievements

In terms of International level sports achievements, one of the participants secured the Runners-up position in the U-19 World Chess Championship.


At the national level, participants of the 2023-25 cohort have won silver medals in the National Karate Championship, have emerged as winners of the National Level Budget Competition, and have clinched victory in National Level Hospitality Competitions. The batch also features a dedicated leader in the NSS unit.


Performing Arts and Literature

Beyond the realms of sports, JAGSoM’s multi-faceted participants have ventured into the realm of literature and performing arts, where they have crafted compelling masterpieces.


The 2023-25 cohort consists of participants who are Book authors, National Level and State level Dance Champions.


Diverse Profile: Result of Unique Admission Process

JAGSoM has adopted a unique admission process in which the applicants are assessed by the shoulder batch, faculty, alumni, and industry experts. The assessment is based on JAGSoM’s Management Aptitude Test (JAGMAT).


JAGMAT comprises 3 sections, which are English Language Proficiency, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning. Each section will be of 25 marks summing to 75 marks and the total duration of the test is 90 minutes. JAGSoM holds two personal Interviews and a Group Exercise for student selection:


In this round the existing students (shoulder batch) interview the candidates and decide whether to admit the concerned candidate as a member of their junior batch or not. They are best to know the “Value Fit” at JAGSoM from a student’s perspective and hence they have a very important say in the decision of selecting their juniors.


Along with interviews by current students, JAGSoM applicants are also interviewed by a Panel of experts. The interview panel has 3 panelists – a Faculty Member, an Industry Expert, and an Alumni.  


Another unique feature of the admission selection process at JAGSoM is a “Group Exercise”. The 30-minute group exercise is conducted in groups of six to eight candidates each for assessing the solution orientation of the candidates. Candidates need to discuss and arrive at a consensus before giving a solution or performing the assigned task. The objective of group exercises is to assess each aspirant’s behavior while performing the group activity, which has specific time and resource constraints. The group exercises evaluate the teamwork, communication and collaboration skills of the aspirants. 


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