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Jay Bhanushali on daughter Tara getting featured on Times Square Billboard: At times, I get jealous of her fan following


Actor couple Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij’s daughter Tara Bhanushali has got featured on New York’s Times Square billboard as a birthday gift from a fan, and that has left Jay overwhelmed with emotions. “We never expected something like this. I expected something like this for myself, not my daughter,” he laughs, adding, “Sometimes I get jealous with Tara’s fan following and the kind of love she gets from everyone.”

At the moment, actor Jay Bhanushali is shooting for his project on Gujarat
At the moment, actor Jay Bhanushali is shooting for his project on Gujarat

Tara turned four on August 3, and her video which played on the billboard has gone viral on social media. Admitting that even he could not have planned such a thoughtful and special gift for his daughter, Jay says, “It’s a dream for any actor to get this kind of love from fans. I’m really happy that my baby is blessed just with her presence on Instagram. It’s just not me and Mahhi or our parents, but so many people from all over the world sending Tara love and good wishes. I don’t think even I could have imagined such a gift for her.”

The 38-year-old actor, tells us that at first, he thought it was a prank when one of her fans from the US reached out with the request.

“We keep on getting several requests from Tara’s fans in her DMs. Recently, one fan expressed the desire to do something special for her birthday, and asked for our permission. We were confused about it, but agreed. And then we received a message saying that the fan has booked time slots in Times Square where her videos will play every hour. We didn’t take it seriously, and thought it might be a prank. But when we saw the videos, we were so surprised, and it got us emotional,” recounts the actor, who regrets missing seeing Tara’s reaction on her videos, as he is currently shooting in Gujarat.

“I don’t know if she would even realise how big this is. She is just four and doesn’t understand what does being on the Billboard means. Everything is normal for her,” says the actor.

Given that Tara enjoys a massive popularity on social media and her trending reels go viral, Jay shares that he often spends hours with her trying to explain to her the “meaning and responsibility” of having so much fan following.

“I don’t tell her that they are her fans, but well-wishers. That’s because sometimes, one might take having fans for granted, but having well-wishers is special. I’ve even told her that she has more fan following than her father, and I’m super proud of that,” he ends.


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