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Jujutsu Kaisen’s culling game arc reaches a new level of intensity

The latest chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen have taken the series to new heights of intensity as Yuji Itadori faces off against Sukuna in his biggest battle yet. The Culling Game arc has been a challenging ordeal for Yuji and the others, and Sukuna’s sudden move to take control of Megumi Fushiguro’s body has only made things more complicated. In chapter 214 of the series, Yuji begins his fight against Sukuna to free Megumi from his clutches.

Yuji’s surprising attack on Sukuna

In chapter 214, Yuji is furious after seeing Hana Kurusu take a devastating attack from Sukuna. He quickly launches his own attack on Sukuna and manages to surprise him with his strength and speed, despite not sharing power with Sukuna. Sukuna is caught off guard by Yuji’s abilities and the fight intensifies as both sides try to gain the upper hand. (Also Read: The impact of I Am Atomic: Inside The Eminence in Shadow’s Signature move)

Megumi’s inner battle against Sukuna

As the fight continues, Sukuna realizes that Megumi is fighting back against him from within his body. Megumi has been limiting his cursed energy output to hold back Sukuna’s abilities, which gives Yuji the opening he needs to keep the fight going. However, it’s easier said than done, and Yuji is struggling to gain the upper hand against Sukuna.

Sukuna’s unleashed abilities

Sukuna has now taken over Megumi’s body and unleashed a whole new level of ability. This makes it even more challenging for Yuji to fight back, as it seems like Sukuna gave him all of his fighting power in the first place. Sukuna’s new abilities are making it difficult for Yuji to keep up, and it seems like Sukuna has the upper hand in this fight. (Also Read: The rise of the Yellow Flash: Why Minato is set to get his own spin-off manga)

The complications of the culling game arc

The Culling Game arc has been a challenging ordeal for Yuji and the others, as they try to survive the deadly game and protect innocent lives. Sukuna’s move to take control of Megumi’s body has only made things more complicated, and it seems like the situation is getting worse with each passing chapter. The fate of Megumi and the others is uncertain, and it remains to be seen how Yuji will free Megumi from Sukuna’s control.

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