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Kavita Kaushik slams troll for calling her ugly: These things used to offend me earlier, but then I did a show called Bigg Boss

Social media trolls often find their way to target celebrities and spread negativity. Recently, actor Kavita Kaushik brought to light one such incident and lashed out at trolls who called her ugly. Replying to a troll on Twitter, she write, “42!!! And I’m beautiful AF! Aur Hot itni hu ki uffff!!!(And I am so hot).. Sorry aapko aapke gharvaaale paalne mei daal ke bhool gaye! (sic)”

While talking to us, the 42-year-old actor shares if hate comments like these affect her. “These things used to offend me earlier. In between all the love, if I would see one hate comment, I would get irritated. But then I did a show called Bigg Boss and after that, I realized how misunderstood people in our country are and you can’t really do anything about it. They will see things from a certain point of view that’s suitable for them,” she says.

Explaining why people go to lengths to comment hurtful things, Kaushik says, “I very well understand that sometimes people write such things because they are seeking attention and a reply from me.”

“I also understand that these are buffoons who haven’t done anything in life and are extremely insecure and jealous of people who are doing well. These are the people who are probably getting beaten by their mothers for being absolute burdens in the house. They take out the frustration on the ones actually trying to do something good. To sum it up, Social media is one place where most unsuccessful people are bashing successful people,” adds Kaushik, who believes someone who is more successful than you will never talk bad about you.

But even when somebody does, the brash Kaushik does not think twice before giving them the taste of their own medicine. “I am a woman and there are days when I am not my best self – may be because I am PMSing or going through something else. That’s when I reply to such messages and filter out such people. I am aware that these things would not give out any results but at least someone is getting entertained (laughs).”

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