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Kerala HC flays inaction against illegal boards along roads- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

KOCHI: Flaying the illegal installation of boards, banners and flags along the roads by political parties, the Kerala High Court on Thursday observed that it was a tragedy that its orders and government’s circulars were given no respect or worth by persons and entities “who are in charge of the future”.

Justice Devan Ramachandran asked the state government and the state police chief to explain how these illegal installations had been put up and why they were not removed. The court made the observation when a report filed by the amicus curiae in the cases related to installation of banners, hoardings, flags etc along the national highway by the Congress in connection with the Bharat Jodo Yathra came up for hearing. The report also said the BJP had also put up such illegal installations when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the state a couple of weeks ago. Though the police and other statutory authorities were fully aware of such installations, they had chosen to turn a blind eye to them, it said.

The court wondered why it was necessary to keep on reminding the officers about the specific orders issued by the court and the government prohibiting such actions. Such illegal installations posed great danger to motorists since their attention would be distracted while moving through the highways. Besides, there was also a danger of some of these installations causing troubles to two-wheelers, it stated.

The court pointed out that we had to witness a hapless woman and her daughter being crushed when an illegally erected arch across a road came crashing down on them. There was also the problem of the waste generated by such installations. Why the official authorities were not aware of such issues, particularly when the state could no longer take the climate or weather for granted, the court asked.

The court said the angst of the court was exacerbated because mainline political parties appeared to be engaging in such illegal actions. These are the entities to which the citizens look up for directions, particularly in our quest for creating a better new Kerala. Large sums had been expended on creating a modern environment, good roads and pedestrian spaces, etc but such areas were now being taken up by illegal installations by persons who believe that they could act with impunity, the court said.

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