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Krushna Abhishek returns to TKSS, tells Archana Puran Singh: Purane log wapas…

Months after exiting The Kapil Sharma Show, comedian Krushna Abhishek has finally returned to the show. Taking to Instagram, Sony Entertainment Television posted several videos. In the clips, Krushna was dressed up as his character Sapna. In a clip shared on Wednesday, the show’s host Kapil Sharma told Krushna, “Sapna tu agayi, sach mein bada accha lag raha hai (Sapna you have returned, I am really very happy).” (Also Read | Krushna Abhishek confirms his return to The Kapil Sharma Show, reveals host Kapil Sharma’s reaction)

Krushna Abhishek returned to The Kapil Sharma Show.

Running towards Kapil, Krushna Abhishek said, “Thank you Kappu. Tereko maalum hai Kappu, yeh season aane kaeech hai (Do you know Kappu, this is the season where people will come back).” Kapil asked, “Really?”

Krushna continued, “Abhi main agayi, Sidhu ji bhi agaye (Sidhu has also come) (looking at Archana).” She widened her eyes and said, “Aah. Acha (Really)?” Last month, Navjot Singh Sidhu, who was earlier the permanent guest on Kapil’s show, was released from jail.

Looking at Rajiv Thakur, who plays the role of Raju in the show, Krushna said, “Dheere dheere saare purane log wapas aane waale hai (Slowly all the people who earlier worked on the show will return).” Previously, Chandan Prabhakar exited the show and Rajiv replaced him.

Rajiv replied, “Zada khush mat ho, zada purane waale agaye na toh tu bhi jayegi (If people who were a part of the show much earlier return then you will also have to leave).” As Kapil walked around with his hand on his mouth, Krushna appeared shocked. Rajiv was seemingly hinting at Sunil Grover’s exit. After Sunil walked out of the show, Krushna became a part of it.

Reacting to the post, a fan wrote, “Pls bring Dr Gulati as well.” Another person said, “Power of Sunil Grover.” “I had stopped watching this show because Krishna wasn’t there,” a comment read. The new episode will air this weekend at 9.30 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.

In another video, Krushna was seen dancing on the show. He said looking at the camera, “I have very good news for you. Back am I. I am back. My massage parlour will now open.”

In another clip, Krushna entered the show amid cheers and claps from the audience. Sharing the clip on his Instagram, he wrote, “Sapna is back. Thank you to my fan family for all the love.” The song Dil Deewana from the 1989 film Maine Pyar Kiya played in the background.

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