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Krystle D’Souza on her physical transformation: I was editing my pics when I felt conscious looking at my weight

Actor Krystle D’Souza recently surprised her Instagram followers with her remarkable physical transformation, sharing before and after pictures showcasing her journey of weight loss. “I am much fitter and healthier now,” she tells us, revealing that it was during the pandemic-induced lockdowns when she had gained so much weight.

Krystle D’Souza shares weight loss transformation pictures.

“And it was all unhealthy weight many of us had put on. [During lockdowns] We were eating unhealthy, the gyms were shut and we were just taking life very easily. Life was already mentally hectic during that period, so food was my comfort. I used to eat a lot. Honestly, I don’t care about being bigger, but healthier,” says the actor, who came down from UK waist size 12 to UK 8.

While actors are regularly subjected to trolling when people comment on the way they look, for D’Souza, it was her own conscious self that pushed her to embark on her weight loss journey.

“On social media, people didn’t even realise that I gained weight. It was something that I used to look at [in the mirror] and not like. Especially one day when I was editing my photos for social media to look a certain way — everyone does that, either to make their skin look better or to shape their body — and that’s when I felt I needed to be fitter and more physically active,” recounts the 33-year-old calling herself more confident now.

Having lost a few inches, D’Souza is glad she can fit back into her old pair of denims or has to go buy a size lesser, however, she is quick to clarify, “I am not saying that a thinner person is healthier, but it’s like a reward at the end of your workout that it worked. It gives me a lot more confidence to go back on screen and give auditions. I was a little conscious, but I’m at ease now.”

Moreover, the actor shares that she also noticed a drop in her stamina levels and that’s when she decided to get back to being fitter and healthier. “I worked with a trainer, who motivated me to not watch the weighing scale. I transformed myself into muscle, as I still weigh almost the same on the scale. I now workout four times a week, and rest for three days. And my workouts aren’t monotonous. I try all forms of workouts from weight training to kick-boxing,” shares D’Souza, who follows a simple diet rich in protein and fats and minus any carbs.

The actor, known for TV show Ek Hazaron Main Meri Behna Hai, is also happy to experience the changes in her routine after losing a few inches. “More than anything, I’m more active during the day. As an actor, while waiting for your next project, you have nothing to do. So, [earlier] I used to just wake up and keep lying in bed all day and watching TV. But now, I get up early and hit the gym. I no longer want to stay home; so I step out, catch up with my friends and stay busy doing something,” says D’Souza.

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