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Kyle Richards completes year without drinking alcohol, shares experience


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has been sober for over a year now. On Saturday, Richards took to Instagram and shared with her fans that she had completed 365 days since quitting drinking alcohol.

Kyle Richards(Instagram)
Kyle Richards(Instagram)

Alongside her long post, she shared a selfie of hers, wearing a black top and a hat. She informed that she was posting about her experience due to persistent requests from fans about it.

“First and foremost, I didn’t feel it had a place where I personally wanted to be,” wrote Richards.

“I listened to my heart and the message was clear to me. I knew it was no longer serving me (no pun intended) physically, mentally or spiritually,” read her Instagram post.

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Richards also highlighted how she would feel depressed the next day after consuming alcohol.

“Alcohol made me feel depressed the next day no matter how fun the night before was. And honestly, life is going to throw us some difficult days. I certainly don’t need to be adding any extra ones to that list.”

In her post, Richards explained that quitting to drink alcohol proved to be much easier than she had thought. She informed that she faced peer pressure and resistance in her endeavour but didn’t fall prey to those.

” I’ve learned I still do stupid things sometimes and beat myself up about it. I’ve learned I’m still fun and last but not least I’ve learned it was much easier than I thought it would be. It was definitely met with resistance by some. But I have never been one to fall prey to peer pressure. No matter my age,” her post read.


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