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Leading US-based firm invests in Qatar’s healthcare infrastructure

Doha: With just one day for the most enrapturing international tournament to betide, the safety and well-being of visitors are one of the foremost priorities being carried out in Qatar. As the country is anticipating nearly 1.7m fans, US health providers have partnered with Qatari firms to offer exceptional health infrastructures and robust facilities to ensure the well-being of guests.

In an exclusive interview with The Peninsula, Johonniuss Chemweno, CEO of VIP StarNetwork said that “The healthcare provisions across Qatar are extremely important. They have demonstrated their ability to collaborate between the public and private space, as well as a level of transparency where other neighboring countries across the Middle Eastern region can collaborate with them in terms of understanding large data and how to have predictable healthcare models that can be sustained over a period of time.”

Johonniuss Chemweno, CEO of VIP StarNetwork

VIP StarNetwork, one of the leading providers of mobile and onsite health services based in New York has formed partnerships with various organisations including Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar Free Trade Commission, Cedar Sinai hospital in Qatar and World Innovative Summit for Health (WISH) conference.

Chemweno said that health providers in the Gulf State are crucial at a time when a global event occurs and is essential to guarantee fans and tourists that their well-being is taken care of especially as the world is gradually recovering from Covid-19 impacting on a longer term in the years ahead.

Post-World Cup is expected to be a fringe benefit for the company with total investments profiting and boosting the healthcare industry across the country. He said, “As we get into 2023, we’re still looking at strengthening the supply chain, in terms of time delivery and how it impacts the medical services that we that we work with day-in and day-out” adding that its vital to comprehend and acknowledge the regions and firms to invest rightly and to enhance the achievement for a prolonged time period.

The healthcare sector has been a significant factor as millions of fans will be arriving in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022 matches. This patently impacts the fandom experiences as more international tournaments will be hosted in the region.

“The fans are dependent on the infrastructure being rock solid and their experience at the games being even better and improved based on coming back from a pandemic and where we are today, depending on the nation that people are coming from,” he added.

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