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Letter: Renewable energy must be welcomed | Letters

In your editorial of Jan. 20, “State of the green state: Cuomo is again ignoring local voices with climate initiatives,” you talk the talk very well, but then bluntly refuse to walk the walk.

You fully agree that Governor Cuomo’s bold initiative to replace fossil fuels with renewable power is crucial to staving off global warming, which affects all of us. You even quote his State of the State remark, “Nature is telling us, ‘Do something, or I will.’ Every thinking person understands this reality.” Then you immediately pull back and refuse to consider the actual proposed plants. Which is it?

Your main concern is that communities such as Orleans County simply do not want renewable projects, despite their documented economic bounty, including host agreement and leaseholder payments and community revenue. Why then do other counties like Lewis and Wyoming greet wind and solar farms with enthusiasm, welcoming both their economic benefits and their contribution to our green future?

Local renewable energy supporters may overwhelm in numbers the naysayers, but the latter are louder. In fact, the new siting regulations provide funds to parties who wish to contest a project. Also, local renewable energy does not all get funneled to New York City. There are community projects as well, such as the Portland wind project, also shot down by the opposition.

If we’re going to tackle climate change and enjoy a revitalized green economy, we all have to participate in welcoming renewable plants to our communities.

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