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Lightman dies on Imlie set, AICWA demands action against producer


A 23-year-old labourer Mahendra Yadav, who worked as a lightboy on the sets of Hindi TV show Imlie, died due to electrocution on the sets. AICWA (All Indian Cine Workers Association) has urged Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to take action against the show’s producer Gul Khan and the TV channel – Star Plus – for ignoring safety measures on the sets. AICWA has also demanded 50 lakh compensation for the family of the deceased. The set of Imlie is located in Goregaon. (Also read: Imlie actor Sumbul Touqeer Khan opens up)

A poster of IMlie.
A poster of IMlie.

AICWA demands 50 lakh compensation

In a social media video, AICWA president Suresh Shyamlal Gupta spoke in response to the death, and demanded that action be taken against the producers of Imlie – Gul Khan, PH 4 Lion Films – and the channel that airs the show. Apart from the demand for compensation, the AICWA chief also said that the managing director and commissioner of Film City should quit.

Shooting for Imlie has been halted after the accident. A report in ETimes claimed that Mahendra was rushed to a nearby hospital when he got electrocuted, but he died on his way.

AICWA chief demands resignation of Film City MD

“Those in administration behave as if the cine workers are some insects who do not need any safety measures. They have never taken any steps for the security and safety on sets. They always ignore safety-related threats. This will lead to many more deaths in the future as well. Who will take up the responsibility? Therefore, as the AICWA chief, I demand the immediate resignation of the Film City MD and other officers who are responsible for ensuring safety on the sets of the TV show,” Suresh Shyamlal Gupta said.

‘More such accidents will happen’

In his post, he also alleged that the ‘producer, production house and channel of the show did not maintain safety on the sets due to which the worker lost his life’. He added that such accidents often take place in Film City as people die due to fire on the sets, leopard attacks, and electrocution.

Suresh Shyamlal Gupta said, “And, all of this is happening because no safety is being maintained on the set. A lot of efforts were being made to suppress this matter since yesterday. Many incidents in our film industry are suppressed because there is full cooperation from the administration. The administration is not taking any concrete steps and no production house, or channel is ensuring safety on the shooting sets. They do not follow any rules, these production houses, producers and channels have full support from many officials.”


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