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Live Chennai: Increasing the speed limit of Chennai – Delhi rail route to 130kmph – Southern Railways!! ,Increasing the speed limit of Chennai – Delhi rail route to 130kmph

This move by the SR of southern railways would be a boon for many travellers along the Chennai- Delhi route through Andhra!!

The news is that the Chennai Division belonging to SR is just a step away from upgrading the speed limit of Chennai-Delhi route till Gudur to 130kmph from the current 110kmph. After addressing the observations made by the Commissioner of Rail Safety or CRS recently, the officials belonging to SR conducted speed trials between Chennai and Gudur.

It must be taken into account that the CRS had completed his inspection in the section between Chennai and Gudur and he had proposed some small upgrades to increase the speed. Point is that a report regarding the rectifications and trial conducted yesterday would be sent to CRS for sake of clearance.

Divisional railways manager Mr. Ganesh explained that the approval depends on the schedule of the Commissioner of Rail Safety. He added that the section doesn`t need any further inspection. After getting the approval of CRS the section between Chennai and Gudur would be fit to operate trains up to 130kmph. Normally, the CRS would give approval to increase the speed within a week of time.

Surprising piece of information is that SR has sent proposals to increase the train speed along the Chennai-Villupuram and Chennai-Jolarpet sections. It is well known that Chennai is linked to cities like Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Madurai, Calicut and Tirunelveli through these 2 sections.

Already a proposal has been made to increase the speed limits along Chennai- Renigunta section that connects Chennai with major pilgrimage place Tirupati. Now, this is in the advanced state of clearance from the CRS. As per some sources from SR, speed increase would require upgrade in the infrastructure especially the track and curves reduction etc. Increase in the speed up to 130kmph would reduce the travel time of the passengers.

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