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Love Is Blind’s Paul reveals last-minute decision about Micah at the altar

Love Is Blind fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what happened between Paul Peden and Micah Lussier at the altar. Now, Paul is opening up about the moment he knew whether or not to marry Micah. In an interview with Us Weekly, Paul revealed that his decision was made “super torn” just moments before they stood at the altar.

Love is Blind’s Paul Peden and Micah Lussier

Paul explained that his analytical nature had him fretting over the risks of saying yes or no with his groomsmen and family. Micah’s shocking decision to let Paul answer first only added to the pressure. Paul’s decision was ultimately made when he said it out loud. He claims he really did love Micah, but it wasn’t enough.

Micah revealed to Us Weekly that her bold move was Paul’s “last chance” to show how he really felt. While she wasn’t shocked by the rejection, she never felt secure about his commitment. Putting the ball in his court was the way she knew he would truly “answer from his heart.”

Despite their dramatic ending, both Paul and Micah seem very sure there’s no coming back from this. Paul couldn’t see having kids with her, implying she didn’t have a nurturing instinct. Micah, on the other hand, had a connection with Kwame Appiah, who surprisingly married Chelsea Griffin.

Viewers can catch up with Paul, Micah, and the rest of the Love Is Blind season 4 cast during the upcoming live reunion on Netflix, airing on Sunday, April 16th.

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