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Malayalam actor Arya Parvathi’s mother delivers baby girl at 47

Arya Parvathi is on cloud nine as she took to Instagram and shared the news of her sibling’s arrival. The Malayalam actor rose to fame after appearing in her TV show Chembattu. Her family was blessed with a baby girl. Also read: Kartiki Gonsalves meets Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin

Actor Arya Parvathi’s mother welcomes baby at 47.

Announcing that she’s ready to take on the role of a big sister, Arya wrote in the caption of her post, “Overwhelmed with joy as my little sibling arrives to our family after 23 years. Ready to take on the role of a big sister as well as a mother and shower them with love and support. Come soon, little one!’. Her mom has delivered is 47.

Talking about her mother’s unexpected pregnancy, the 23-year-old actor in a recent interview, revealed how she was beyond shocked when his father broke the news of her mother’s pregnancy. She also recalled how her parents hid her mother’s pregnancy thinking she would be ashamed of them. She said they also faced taunts from people, which they didn’t pay attention to.

Arya told Humans Of Bombay, “One phone call changed my life. Last year, a few days before I was supposed to go back home for my vacation, I got a call from Appa. He seemed restless. A few minutes later, he said, ‘Amma is pregnant’. I didn’t know how to react…that’s not something you just hear your parents say at 23. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Amma was 47. And I know it’s going to sound weird but when Appa told me, Amma was already in her 8th month. In fact, when Amma herself found out, she was 7 months in.”

“After Appa gave me the news, he said they had kept it a secret because they didn’t know how I would react. A few days later, when I reached home, I fell on Amma’s lap & started crying. I said, ‘Why would I be ashamed?’ I had wanted this for so long,” she added. She also said, “Slowly, we began telling our family & friends. Some concerns were genuine but some were mere taunts. But we didn’t pay any attention. And that’s why Amma’s pregnancy went by smoothly; there was no stress.”

Arya said she can’t wait to be called ‘didi.’ Soon after her story was out, several social media user extended their love and support to her and her family. Many also congratulated them.

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