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Michigan’s Chief Infrastructure Officer visits Marquette

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Helping local governments take advantage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Funding.

This was the focus during the presentation by Michigan’s Chief Infrastructure Officer, Zachary Kolodin.

Kolodin attended a town hall meeting with local U.P. government representatives Thursday. He said IIJA, passed by the federal government last year, has presented unprecedented funding to invest in Michigan’s infrastructure.

“I really see infrastructure as the basic service that the government can provide. when we fail to provide quality infrastructure, folks lose faith in government,” Kolodin said.

Kolondin said U.P. governments can apply for funding to better improve infrastructures such as roads, water, safety, airports and much more.

“We’re in the situation in Michigan where we see the devastating effect of failing infrastructure such as the Midland damn break, we see roads that swallow whole tires and bend out rims,” Kolodin said.

Marquette County Road Commission Engineer Manager Jim Iwanicki said the presentation was informative.

“There’s something we learned that might be able to help the road commission out when it comes to bridging projects and safety money when it becomes available,” Iwanicki said.

Another focus of the presentation was infrastructure projects that will help build a bridge to the economy of 2050.

“Making the strategic investments in electric vehicles, in batteries in green energy in transmission lines that can carry an increased load so we can be competitive in 2050,” Kolodin said.

Iwanicki voiced his concern about electric vehicle investment during the presentation.

“Electric vehicles are going to impact our ability to fund our revenue stream which is 40% gas and diesel fuel fees,” Iwanicki said.

For more information on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act you can click here.

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