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ministry: Health Ministry says drug factories in India lack professionally qualified employees, raw product testing


India’s Health Ministry on Wednesday announced that it had inspected over 150 pharmaceutical factories in the country and found that there was a prominent lack of safeguards, including an absence of internal product quality review as well as a lack of professionally qualified employees.

These reports come after multiple Indian pharmaceutical companies came under the government’s scanner following deaths linked to faulty cough syrup manufactured in the country and shipped overseas. Faulty medicines were linked to the deaths of at least 95 children overseas

According to the Health Ministry, the investigation also revealed that there was an absence of “quality failure investigation,” as well as a lack of testing of raw materials.

The Ministry, after inspecting 162 pharmaceutical factories and 14 public laboratories, pointed to infrastructural deficiencies that play a crucial role in cross-contamination at drug factories. The investigation also flagged faulty design of manufacturing and testing areas at these factories.


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