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natural gas usage: Barauni-Guwahati pipeline to provide gas in Guwahati by end of the year


Guwahati: Barauni-Guwahati Pipeline will provide gas in Guwahati by the end of the year, and Assam will be linked with the National Gas Grid.

Gas conclave a day-long brainstorming workshop on the prospects and challenges of the usage of natural gas, was organized by the Department of Industries, Commerce & Public Enterprises, Government of Assam on Tuesday in Guwahati.

Minister, Industries, Commerce Bimal Bora while commending the pioneering role of Assam in the petroleum and natural gas sector in the country, noted how the Hydro-carbon Vision 2030 for North-East India of the Central Government has opened up several vistas of economic development through natural gas; and further noted how Assam has so much reserves of natural gas that it can fuel its economy based on this clean and green fuel. In this regard, he stressed on evolving synergy among the different stakeholders of the entire value chain of natural gas.

GAIL India Limited representative announced that the Barauni-Guwahati Pipeline shall be able to provide gas in Guwahati by the end of the year, thereby marking a major milestone in the linkage of the State with the National Gas Grid. This in due course shall enable the connect between producers, importers and the end-users of natural gas in a seamless manner.

The Conclave discussed in detail the issues raised during the presentations, and actions needed to be taken thereupon, and resolved to take up these activities in a coordinated manner. With almost all the districts in Assam being covered by city gas distribution, and more pipelines being laid by IGGL and others, the State government decided to work on an action plan for 2030 to develop gas- based economy in Assam that would create more employment opportunities and reduce the pollution.


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