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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s ex-wife Aaliya on his claims: You’re a dangerous father | Bollywood

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s ex wife Aaliya Siddiqui took to her Instagram account and shared a detailed statement, reacting to each of his claims made in a recent open letter. Earlier, the actor shared a letter on social media which read, “This is not an allegation but expressing my emotions.” After Nawazuddin responded to claims made by Aaliya, she came forward to share a new open letter in rebuttal. Also read: Nawazuddin Siddiqui breaks silence on ex-wife’s claims

Aaliya’s letter reads, “You were silent only in words, not actions.” Calling the actor an ‘irresponsible father,’ she said, “The fact is that as an irresponsible father, ‘you sent my minor daughter to another country with your male manager and made them stay in (one hotel unit) without my knowledge and consent’. Your male manager , during this period, hugged my minor daughter multiple times in an inappropriate manner and all of this was done despite ‘her expressed objections’. You cannot deny that those acts were done by your manager when neither me nor you were around.”

“You still claimed to trust him blindly and when, as a biological mother, I objected to what happened, you threw your weight around and threatened to take over us today,” Aaliya continued. She further reacted to allegations of trespassing at Nawazuddin’s bungalow.

Aaliya added, “That it is because of your refusal to reply and clarify your stand that I eventually came to meet and confront at your Bungalow. However you never met me and then instead ‘used your money and other political power’ and filed a case of tresspass on me. You did everything possible in your means to get me arrested and show me your power, but could not succeed.” She also called the actor a ‘dangerous father.’

Earlier, on March 6, Nawazuddin released his first official statement after Aaliya made several claims against him. He said Aaliya ‘only wants more money’ and added that ‘it’s her routine’. Nawazuddin wrote, “I am termed as a bad guy everywhere because of my silence. The reason I have kept quiet is because all this tamasha (show) will somewhere be read by my small children. Social Media Platforms, Press and a bunch of people are really enjoying my character assassination on the basis of one sided and manipulated videos. There are few points, I would like to express–1. First of all me and Aaliya do not stay together since several years, we are already divorced but we definitely had an understanding only for our kids.”

The problems between Nawazuddin and Aaliya began in January when Aaliya claimed that she was being harassed at Nawazuddin’s home in Mumbai. The actor’s mother had filed a complaint against her over a property dispute. Aaliya and Nawazuddin share two kids–Shora and Yaani.

Last month, the Bombay High Court suggested Nawazuddin and Aaliya to try and amicably resolve their differences pertaining to their two minor children.

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