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New PM Needs To Prioritise Fixing Our Roads

National Road Carriers Association (NRC) is pleased new
Prime Minister Hipkins has stated he is going to focus on
the big issues business is facing.

NRC CEO Justin
Tighe-Umbers says for the road transport industry the
biggest issue is the shocking state of our

“Every day, potholes and undriveable surfaces
cause expensive damage and delays to our nation’s trucking
fleet. Our road conditions are a disgrace for a wealthy,
developed country like New Zealand. Ninety-three per cent of
our goods are delivered by trucks – and our poor roading
is making all these goods more expensive.

“Our road
network is getting worse each year as maintenance continues
to fall behind. Despite all the money collected for roading,
less than half of the maintenance needed is being carried
out each year.

“NRC and the trucking industry call
for Prime Minister Hipkins firstly to prioritise fixing our
roads by committing annual spend to cover all the road
repairs needed.

“Secondly, a 50-year roading
infrastructure plan needs to be locked-in out of political
reach. This will give road contractors a pipeline of work,
and the confidence to invest in tooling up, delivering more
roading for the dollar over the

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