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NEWSPORT DAILY-Get away with the help of OBrien Real Estate

“Providing the community with more of an understanding of their property value to either simply make sure their insurance is up to date with the current market or see what they could possibly do with the equity they hold to grow their portfolio or perhaps even upgrade to that next property stage – is really what we love to do.”

The team at Obrien Real Estate will assess your home, illustrate market conditions, and demonstrate comparable sales to provide an estimated price guide.

To get started simply by entering details below and an OBrien agent will get in touch with you to make a time to visit your home.

“Many people will be really surprised with the result,” Ms Chamberlain added.

The prize is in conjunction with Flight Centre and can be spent on travel, accommodation, or
tours either locally or internationally.

Simply enter through the following link attached and the competition ends on 31 October

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