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Nickelodeon, ESPN and Other Entertainment Companies Among the Brands Seeing Fastest Growth on TikTok


With consumers still hooked to their screens for entertainment in the yearlong absence of many leisure activities, brands such as Nickelodeon, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN and Discovery Inc. are standing out on the platform that is particularly popular among Generation Z, according to data from Kyra Media, which specializes in connecting brands with coveted Gen Z consumers.

While TikTok itself was the fastest-growing brand on its own platform from January through March, entertainment brands performed particularly well. In addition to major networks and streaming services, individual programs (“BattleBots,” “The Office”) and Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona ranked among the 20 brands that have accumulated the most followers on TikTok in 2021’s first quarter. 

With users still seeking out new content on social media, this could point to an opening for other media and entertainment companies to draw in new Gen Z viewers via TikTok.

Analysis of the data from Kyra IQ, Kyra Media’s proprietary tool that tracks brands across social media, also indicates that gaming brands are finding increasing success on TikTok: Gaming platform Roblox and popular game “Fortnite” both secured spots in the top 20, adding 583,926 and 459,868 followers in 2021 as of March 31, respectively.


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