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No connection can take you beyond a debut: Ulka

Best remembered for her portrayal of Jhansi Ki Rani, actor Ulka Gupta feels that South films are getting the long awaited due.

Ulka Gupta

On the recent Oscar win, the Andhra Pori and Rudhramadevi actor says, “Projects made down South were always worthwhile else why would there be so many remakes. But the good point is that eventually the day has arrived when the content from across the regions is termed as pan-India work. It’s a moment of pride for all of us as a nation. I feel lucky to have started my film career with a Telugu project.”

Being a daughter of actor Gagan Gupta, the youngster feels the struggle is same for everyone barring that you are bit more informed.

“To sustain in the industry, one must be well-versed with the craft and knowing the art of survival is the key. No connection or relation can take you beyond a debut. Having my dad in the same industry helped me to be on my toes and know the place a bit better. So, the possibility of getting into any kind of inconvenience is negligible. Rest, efforts remain the same for all newcomers. I too had to plan my career well, else the cut-throat competition spares none.”

Having started as a child artiste, Gupta, adds, “My character of Manu (Rani Jhansi) is still etched in audiences mind and that has always worked in my favour. As I grew up, along with my studies, I did a few more shows that made me a prominent face on television, that’s when I opted for films. My recent outing as a lead of Banni Chow Home Delivery was well received and this made me more confident of my craft. Now I am in mid of saying yes for a web series as there are quite a few offers and I want to put the best foot forward in that space as well,” says Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi actor.

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