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North-Western Railway to Temporarily Increase Coaches in 40 Pairs of Trains; Details

The North-western Railways has decided to have additional coaches in some 40 pairs of trains given the additional passenger traffic. Captain Shashi Kiran, The spokesperson of the Indian North Western Railways, said, “A temporary increase is being made in the coaches for the convenience of the passengers. 80 coaches being increased in a total of 40 pairs of trains, will be available in different classes temporarily in July.”

The trains whose coaches will be increased are as follow :

Train No. 22481/22482Jodhpur-Delhi and Sarai Rohilla -Jodhpur Rail Service will have 2 additional Third AC and 2 Second Sleeper Class in the coaches.

Train No. 12479/12480, Jodhpur-Bandra Terminus-Jodhpur will temporarily have 2 extra Third AC and 2 Second Sleeper Class Coaches.

Temporary increase of two-second sleeper class coach in train number 22471/22472 Bikaner-Delhi and Sarai-Bikaner train service.

Temporary increase of two Second Sleeper Class Coaches in Train No. 20473/20474 Delhi Sarai-Udaipur City-Delhi Sarai Rail Service.

Train No. 19666/19665, in Udaipur City-Khajuraho-Udaipur City Rail Service to have 1 extra Third AC and 1 Second Sleeper Class Coach temporarily.

Temporary increase of 1 Third AC Economy class coach in train number 12990/12989, Ajmer-Dadar-Ajmer rail service.

Train No. 20483/20484, Bhagat Ki Kothi – Dadar – Bhagat Ki Kothi Rail to get two Third AC and three extra second sleeper class coaches temporarily.

Temporary increase of 1 third AC and 4-second sleeper class coach in train number 14707/14708, Bikaner-Dadar-Bikaner train service.

Train No. 20971/20972, Udaipur City-Shalimar-Udaipur City Rail Service to get 01 Second AC, 01 Third AC and 01-second ordinary class coach temporarily.

Temporary increase of two-second ordinary class coaches in train number 12991/12992, Udaipur-Jaipur-Udaipur rail service.

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