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Now, Pay more as Traffic Violations! Your insurance premium set to be hiked I All details explained

Get ready to pay higher premium for traffic rules violations! The insurance regulator IRDAI has prepared a formula for to be slapped on those violating rules and fixing insurance premium in its final report. First region to come under this scheme is Delhi NCR, but before you start rejoicing too much, know that new rules will apply soon enough across the country.

This is how you will have to pay more:

Higher Insurance premium will have to be paid for violating traffic rules. IRDAI working group has prepared a full report on Insurance premium. The Insurance Information Bureau will provide data from the State Traffic Police to Insurance companies. During the time of Insurance renewal, traffic violations of the previous 2 years will be checked. 

Traffic rules violators will pay more premium:

Violation rules will apply afresh for new cars. Higher premium will be charged for violation of the traffic rules. Premium concession will also be given to those who do not violate the rules. After the pilot project in National Capital Delhi, the rules will be implemented across the country.

Violation of Rules – Points to be deducted:

0 to 20 – Minor fault related to traffic violation
21 – 50 – helmet, seat bealt linked traffic violation
51-70 – wrong lane driving, driving without insurance and license
71-100 – Over speeding, police disregard
101 – constant violation of all rules

Points of High Traffic Violation:


THZ 1 Drunk Driving 100
THZ 2 Dangerous Driving 90
THZ 30 Police Override 90
THZ 4 Over Speeding 80
THZ 5 Without License, Insurance 70
THZ 6 Wrong lane driving 60
THZ 7 Hazardous Cargoers 50
THZ 8 Traffic Sign 50
THZ 9 Overload 40
THZ 10 Safety Tips 30
THZ 11 Vehicle Modification 20
THZ 12 Wrong parking 10
Extra Premium:

                                               Two or three wheeler                              4 wheeler (pvt/commercial)                
Not exceeding 20                     no premium                                               no premium
Exceeding 20, up to 40            100                                                              300
Exceeding 40, up to 60            150                                                              400
Exceeding 60, up to 80            200                                                              600
Exceeding 80, up to 100          350                                                              800  
Exceeding 100, up to 300        500                                                              1000
Exceeding 300                         750                                                              1500

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