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Occidental Petroleum: The Stock Is A Hold (NYSE:OXY)

Evgenii Mitroshin

The oil and gas markets in the fourth quarter of 2022 were not as strong as in the previous quarters. Thus, despite higher production volumes, due to significantly lower oil and gas prices, I expect Occidental Petroleum Corporation’s (

Figure 1 – International petroleum and other liquids production and consumption


Figure 2 – OXY’s oil & gas production volumes

3Q 2022 financial results

Figure 3 – Oil and gas production in the Permian region


Figure 4 – Brent crude oil spot price and global inventory changes


Figure 5 – Dutch TTF natural gas price

Figure 6 – OXY’s debt-to-EBITDA

Author (based on SA data)

Figure 7 – OXY’s debt-to-equity ratio

Author (based on SA data)

Figure 8 – OXY’s ROA ratio

Author (based on SA data)

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