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Offices in parking lots, cars on roads in Gurugram : The Tribune India

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Geetanjali Gayatri

Gurugram, January 22

The vertical growth of the city is having a fallout in the most unlikely of places — sector bylanes. Chock-a-block with cars parked along either side of the road in front of the newly constructed four-storey houses, these are the bane of Gurugram’s growth story.

If weekdays are bad, driving in and out on weekends is worse. The Haryana Government addressed this problem when it increased the floor area ratio and allowed a fourth floor by making stilt parking mandatory.

Encroachments in most localities

  • In Sector 31, small cabins have been set up on stilt floors using aluminium and glass fittings
  • Stilt space for lifts or guard room permitted, but occupants encroach upon entire space
  • In Sec 43, 45 where even small houses have shot up to 4 floors, there’s space for only one car
  • Other cars remain parked along narrow roads, leading to frequent quarrels

Since there is always a way around the rules, the new owners are using these to their advantage to ensure no space is “wasted”. At newly constructed buildings in Sector 31, the stilt parking has been turned into small cabins for offices. Consequently, the cars remain parked outside. Even in houses with parking space, cars are parked outside for “convenience”.

While using the stilt space for a lift and a guard room is permitted, the occupants have gradually “encroached” upon the space to carve out cabins, using these as personal office space or stores.

In Sector 43 and 45, where even small houses have shot up to four floors, there’s space only for one car. Consequently, the other cars remain parked along narrow roads.

“The roadside parking is a big nuisance. In case there is an emergency and a fire brigade or an ambulance has to reach a particular house, especially at night, there is no way it can manoeuvre its way through the bylanes,” said Vikram Singh of the Sector 23 Residents Welfare Association.

The problems of parking and encroached stilts seem to stretch across sectors.

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