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OHP seeking to hire new officers for ports of entry, weigh stations

LOVE COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) – Oklahoma Highway Patrol is hiring 14 new officers for port of entry positions all over the state, including the weigh station in Love County and a new port of entry opening this winter in Bryan County.

The officers inspect the trucks that drive into the state.

OHP Lieutenant Kirby Logan said a truck out of service sometimes means lives saved.

“They put trucks out of service that would literally scare you if you knew what came in here,” Logan said.

Elbar Eakalabub owns a business where he travels in his truck. He said inspections are paramount to job safety.

“Every day, every time we hit the road. and we’re glad we had an inspection here with POE officers,” Eakalabub said. “We have found out some failure on my turning light on my trailer. So we are fixing in the next few minutes.”

Today an officer asked to do an inspection, and Eakalabub said he’s grateful, cause they found a few things that needed to be corrected.

“For the truck driver and every driver on the road, you try to keep everyone safe on the road, behind the wheel,” Eakalabub said.

“We’re looking for stuff that just doesn’t fit ordinary circumstances of what’s coming down the highway,” port of entry enforcement officer Garrett Hammond said.

Without inspections, Hammond said you might find yourself stranded, or worse.

“One night we’re sitting here and a truck goes by the weigh station and long story short we bring him back, he weighs 140 thousand pounds on five axles, the driver doesn’t have a driver license, he has 3 brakes that aren’t working,” Hammond said. “That was a bomb that was going up the interstate.”

“if you’re the type of person who is highly motivated and dedicated and has a true interest in public safety, then this is a very rewarding job,” Logan said. “Theyre highly trained in what they do and they do make a difference when lives and livelihoods are at stake.”

If you’d like to join OHP in keeping the roads safe, apply here.

The job posting will close on Sunday.

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