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One Piece Live-Action’s Season 2 Easter Eggs unveiled!

The world of One Piece just got a whole lot richer for fans of the Netflix live-action series. Matt Owens, co-showrunner of the show, recently delved into the treasure trove of Easter Eggs that were sneakily embedded in the first season. In an engaging Reddit AMA celebrating the announcement of Season 2, Owens spilled the beans on his favourite hidden gems.

Co-showrunner of Netflix’s One Piece series reveals hidden gems and bounty posters in Season 1.(Netflix)

“Easter eggs were such a fun part of the show! I loved talking to different departments to plant as much as we could. My favourite is probably the bounty posters that fill the world,” Owens revealed. “I looked back at pirates who we know were operating at this time in the story and what their bounties would be. It helps sell other pirates to newcomers and is fun details for fans who know who they are. Not all of the ones we made got shown on screen [so] be on the lookout for more next season!”

For One Piece enthusiasts, the significance of bounty posters cannot be overstated. Serving as the series’ power rankings system, these posters offer tantalizing glimpses into the strengths and notoriety of characters. In Season 1, eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed these posters adorning various backgrounds, hinting at the presence of significant figures from the One Piece universe.

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The attention to detail shines brightly, especially considering that some of these meticulously crafted posters didn’t make it to the screen. This artistic touch not only aids newcomers by introducing key pirates but also adds layers of excitement for seasoned fans familiar with the saga.

The climax of Season 1 revealed Luffy’s own bounty poster, a tantalizing prelude to the challenges he and the Straw Hat crew will face in the upcoming season. As the highest bounty in the East Blue, Luffy’s newfound notoriety sets the stage for thrilling encounters and epic adventures as they set sail towards the Grand Line.

So, fans, keep your eyes peeled and your pirate spirit high because as Owens hinted, there are even more treasures waiting to be unearthed in the next season of Netflix’s One Piece live-action series!

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