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Oscars gift bags for top nominees includes Italian vacation & plot in Australia | Hollywood

The 95th Academy Awards which took place on March 12, awarded the best of cinema in 2022. While the team of Everything Everywhere All At Once picked up the majority of the top honours with seven wins, those who lost out can take solace with their extravagant Oscar gift bags as a consolation prize. This year, the acting and directing nominees will receive a ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bag worth $126,000 (around 1.03 crore). Some of the luxury items that the nominees will be getting include a vacation to an Italian island, a facelift and a plot in Australia. (Also read: Oscars 2023: Jimmy Kimmel takes a dig at Will Smith slap, says ‘if anything unpredictable or violent happens…’)

Put together by the company Distinctive Assets, the gift bag has around 60 items that mostly focus on luxury wellness promotion. The company has been presenting the gift bag since 2002.

According to a report in The Guardian, some of the luxurious gifts for the nominees include food items like Japanese milk bread, a three-night stay for eight guests at an Italian lighthouse and liposuction. The nominees can also look forward to exploring an unknown plot of land in Australia, as well as a three-night stay in rural Ottawa in Canada.

Hand-harvested organic dates, silk pillowcases, and a selection of chocolates with a special video message are also included in the ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bag. They can also book a facelift with celebrity surgeon Dr Konstantin Vasyukevich and have an executive hair restoration consultation with a Florida doctor.

The report also states that luxury brands pay $4,000 (around 3,28 lakhs) to land a spot in the hamper. However, the recipient is under no obligation to use, accept or promote any of the items.

Distinctive Assets’ founder Lash Fary told Forbes about he came up with the idea of the gift bag for the top nominees. He shared, “We asked ourselves, ‘How can we be a part of this without doing something with the Academy?’ So we came up with this idea of gifting the top nominees. That way, if they lost, they got this awesome consolation prize. And if they win, they get this as icing on the cake.” This year, there will be 26 gift bags handed out to the acting and directing nominees like Steven Spielberg, Cate Blanchett and Paul Mescal.

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