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Overall coal stock position in India grows 34 per cent to 103 MT: Coal ministry


The overall coal stock position in the country rose 34 per cent to 103 million tonnes (MT) on July 16, an official statement said on Tuesday. As on July 16, 2023, thermal power plant coal stock stands at 33.46 MT, which is 28 per cent higher compared to the corresponding period of last financial year, the coal ministry said in a statement.

“Coal availability at all locations including pithead coal stock at mine end, stock in transit and TPPs is 103 MT as against 76.85 MT last year, which is 34 per cent higher year-on-year. The ministry is also closely coordinating with all central gencos (generation companies) and state gencos and there is absolutely no shortage of coal for the power sector,” it said.

The ministry further said that coal companies have undertaken construction of cemented roads for uninterrupted evacuation from larger mines. Transportation from nine coal mines to railway sidings has been started through mechanised coal handling plants.

Coal production from April 1 to July 16, 2023 stood at 258.57 MT as against 236.69 MT in the same period last year.

Coal despatches to power sector stood at 233 MT as against 224 MT last year.

“The ministries of coal, railways and power are working in close coordination to ensure adequate availability of coal for all the thermal power plants,” the statement said.


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