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Panorama – PPAYA signs up Green Cat Renewables

Green Cat’s wind farms vary in size producing between 0.5 MW to 9.4 MW of clean renewable energy. With a total site capacity of 20 MW, this deal will cover sites capable of producing enough power to supply over 3,000 homes.

“We have worked closely with Green Cat to exceed their price expectations and will continue to work hard to do so in the future” said Kristina Rabecaite, PPAYA’s CEO. “PPAYA is incredibly proud of our partnerships in Scotland and we view this deal with such an innovative and high class generator as a testament to our strong track record of securing unrivalled prices for our suppliers.”

Since launching last summer, PPAYA has grown rapidly, signing up over 180 generators across wind, hydro, solar and anaerobic digestion, with a total production capacity of close to 500 MWh, of which over 200 MW has been locked in successfully with Big Six and reputational suppliers of strong financial backing.

PPAYA has built a user-friendly platform which helps generators sell their energy at the best time for the best price, reducing the burden of market tracking and administration. Key features of PPAYA’s offer include the price-comparison slider – which shows generators how likely their target energy price will be achieved – and automated daily auctions which ensure renewable asset owners never miss out on price opportunities.

“We are delighted for the opportunity to partner with PPAYA” added Gavin Catto, Managing Director of Green Cat. “Kristina and her team have been incredibly accommodating and have worked relentlessly on our behalf to greatly improve on our previous price. Their platform has secured us a deal that we would never have been able to match.”

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