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‘PlayStation PC launcher’ files found in Spider-Man: Remastered port

Sony has been slowly releasing fantastic PC ports of first-party PlayStation titles for more than a year. God of War, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man: Remastered all got royal treatment, and it seems like the company might be gearing up for further expansion into PC gaming.

According to VGC, there’s evidence of a “PlayStation PC launcher” within Spider-Man: Remastered‘s files. Thus far, Sony has released all of its games on Steam and The Epic Games Store while not announcing anything about creating an all-new launcher. It could potentially be only some sort of additional PSN Store integration on PC, though. Or something that might never see the light of day, for that matter.

Last week, VGC also noted that there are files in Spider-Man: Remastered suggesting that PlayStation Network account linking integration might be on the way too. Many fans are hoping that cross-buy functionality between PS5 and PC could come of all this, but that’s speculation based on rumors. Sony hasn’t commented publicly on either of these findings, so who knows what’s up.

As for future PlayStation-to-PC ports, the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is coming. Still no date for that yet, though. Of course, everyone is still frothing at the mouth over a Bloodborne PC version (it’s me, I’m ‘everyone’), despite there being no hint that it’s happening.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.

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