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Pm Modi Will Inaugurate Hdscl Projects On March 12, Infra News, ET Infra

HUBBALLI: Hubballi- Dharwad Smart City Limited Projects (HDSCL) are all set for inauguration on March 12. More than 10 projects, completed a long time ago, will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi at the IIT campus in Dharwad on March 12.

The works that were supposed to be inaugurated a few months are all set to be opened in the next few days. The redevelopment of Tolankere Lake, a swimming pool, the upgrade of Chitaguppi Hospital, ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the Sports Complex Project, and other projects will be inaugurated.

HDSCL has carried 62 various projects in Hubballi. However, it has completed 53 projects and 9 works are under construction. Now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the 16 new projects.

The projects to be inaugurated are as follows: Redevelopment of Tolankere lake at a cost of Rs 25.74 crore, basic services for Urban Poor Package-01 at a cost of Rs 31.14 crore, redevelopment of Unkal Market at a cost of Rs 2.03 crore, Smart Road Package-05 at Rs 31.39 crore, Integrated Command and Control Center at Rs 51.31 crore, Public Bicycle Sharing (34 PBS station) at a cost of Rs 8.50 crore, Swimming Pool Phase-02 at a cost of Rs 3.88 cr, Vani Vilas development at a cost of Rs 15 crore, smart road package-02 at a cost of Rs 47.92 crore, smart roads package-06 at Rs 37.71 crore, design and construction of entrance gate at KIMS hospital at Rs 0.31 crore, upgradation of Chitaguppi hospital at Rs 24.41 crore, redevelopment Nehru Stadium at Rs 25.35 crore, digital display board at Rs 4.17 crore, Smart Road Package-03 at Rs 45 crore and ground breaking ceremony for construction of sports complex project at a cost of Rs 166 crore. Works worth Rs 520 crore under smart city project will be inaugurated.

HDSCL managing director Priyanga M told TOI that the inauguration stone of 16 projects will be unveiled by Prime Minister Modi. Works of many projects have been completed, while some are in final stage. By March 10, all works will completed. 15 works and 1 ground breaking ceremony of sports complex under smart city project will be launched, she added.

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