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Port of Hamilton receives funds for steel-handling infrastructure

HAMILTON, ONT. — The federal government has announced $4.9 million in funding to support upgrades to the transport of steel at the Port of Hamilton.

The $10-million project is being led by the Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority (HOPA).

The project includes the construction of a new 20,000-square-metre rail transload facility at Pier 15, designed specifically for the handling of steel products. The new infrastructure will boost shipments of steel by ship, road and rail, stated a release.

When completed, the facility will add more than 100,000 megatons of new steel-handling capacity at the port.

“As the largest port in Ontario, the Port of Hamilton is the key supply-chain gateway for steel and other essential goods that feed the region’s economy,” said Ian Hamilton, HOPA CEO, in a statement. “This investment will help to ensure a reliable supply of steel necessary for residential and civil construction projects and for Ontario manufacturers.”


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