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Port of Melbourne capacity enhancement program progresses

PORT of Melbourne’s Port Capacity Enhancement Program is progressing with the launch of public information sessions for the next stage of the project.

The two stated objectives of the proposed capacity enhancement program are to enable the development of a Webb Dock North container terminal and to secure the future of Tasmanian trades.

Port of Melbourne CEO Saul Cannon said the port is committed to inclusive, timely, genuine and transparent stakeholder communication.

“Building new port infrastructure has long lead times, so we need to plan now for the longer-term future,” Mr Cannon said.

“For us, that means engaging with our stakeholders to understand their views in relation to the need for additional capacity.”

The port plans to engage with stakeholders to gather feedback on the key drivers of capacity, which are outlined in three independent, expert reports.

“These reports on port capacity, ship fleet forecast and demand forecast are really important in helping us to determine if and when we need to provide additional port capacity,” Mr Cannon said.

Stakeholders have been invited to submit feedback on the technical reports by 18 October.

“The findings and feedback from these reports will help us to inform a cost benefit analysis,” Port of Melbourne said.

“We will also engage with stakeholders between December 2022 and March 2023 to seek feedback on the emerging findings from the cost benefit analysis.”

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