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PPA improves Port of Matnog operation in Sorsogon – Manila Bulletin

PPA improves Port of Matnog operation in Sorsogon

The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) has committed to speed up the improvements in the operation of Port of Matnog in Sorsogon.

PPA General Manager Jay Santiago said they already met with local officials wherein strategies that will be implemented were discussed amid complaints of long queues of vehicles heading to the port.

“We are continuously creating programs and projects catering to the needs of the people. In fact, this meeting with the Sorsogon LGU opened new doors for the passengers, traders, and tourists utilizing Matnog Port,” said Santiago.

Port Manager Ma. Magnolia Sinson-Requejo, of the Port Management Office (PMO) of Bicol said the number of people complaining about the long queue outside the port significantly dwindled down since the installation of the one-stop-shop (OSS).

Through the one-stop-shop, which houses all offices in one, single area, it is now easier and faster to arrange the booking and payment of fees resulting in faster turnaround time of vessels.

“The queue used to be really long, but with the OSS situated just adjacent to the port, it really accelerated the process,” said Requejo.

Currently, the average daily passenger volume passing Matnog Port is around 2,500-3,000. The vehicles reach 10,000 during peak seasons.





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