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Property, real estate taxes due by end of year

HUNTSVILLE — Personal and real property taxes for Randolph County residents are due on or before Dec. 31, Randolph County Collector Shiela Miller said in a press release Friday.

Tax statements were mailed to Randolph County residents Oct. 12, Miller said. Anyone who has not received a statement yet should call the collector’s office at 844-277-6555, extension 310.

Taxes become delinquent Jan. 1, 2023, said Miller, and interest and a penalty will be added after that date.

The collector’s office provides five ways to pay. Residents may pay at the counter at the collectors office in the Randolph County courthouse, at the drive-up window or in the drop box in front of the building, or by mail or online.

Credit card payments will include a convenience fee charge, Miller said.

The collector’s office will honor the postmark on payments that come through the mail, Miller said. Residents should ask their postmasters about holiday hours to make sure their tax payments are stamped with a 2022 postmark.

Receipts will be mailed to taxpayers after their payments are processed, Miller said. Residents should include phone numbers with their payments so the collector’s office can contact them about any problems with the payment.

If paying by mail, residents should include the bottom portion of the tax statement along with a check, money order or cashier’s check payable to Randolph County Collector, 372 Highway JJ, Suite 1G, Huntsville, MO 65259.

Residents who need a receipt of payment in order to renew licenses should pay at the office or pay by the middle of December to ensure that a receipt will be received by the first of the year.

Homeowners whose taxes are paid from their escrow accounts may need to send copies of their tax bills to their mortgage companies, Miller said. Receipts for the paid taxes will be sent to the homeowner when the payment is processed.

Failure to receive a tax statement does not relieve taxpayers of the obligation to pay taxes when they are due, Miller said. If residents own real estate or vehicles and don’t receive tax statements, they should contact the collector’s office.

Residents who don’t want to pay their taxes in a lump sum at the end of the year can sign up for the 2023 installment plan if they are current on payments for previous tax years.

The collector’s office is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The last day to pay current taxes at the office is Dec. 30 by 4 p.m. The collector’s office will not be open Dec. 31.

Online payment and drop box payments will be accepted without penalty through midnight Dec. 31.

For further assistance, call the collector’s office during reguler business hours.

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