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Qatar’s e-commerce market sees healthy growth

Doha: Qatar’s e-commerce market is showing healthy growth as more consumers expect delivery of products and services to be digital, seamless, and timely. 

Businesses are racing to compete and join the e-commerce trend and its adoption is growing globally.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) said on its twitter handle, “With Theqa trustmark badge on your site show your customers that your business is trustworthy, improving their confidence in your offering.” Theqa trustmark is first of its kind that is launched by Qatar to empower or enhance the e-commerce industry. 

In a video presentation, MCIT elaborated the benefits of Theqa for e-merchants which include consumer confidence, high standards, increased visibility and digital credentials. 

It said Theqa trustmark website ensures that the site is trustworthy. Its membership differentiates the business and gains a significant competitive advantage in the market and also gives recognition as forefront towards technological advancement.

The e-commerce market is showing a significant growth rate in the country, widening its opportunities in business sectors to expand further. 

According to Market Research, a leading provider of industry intelligence for businesses, consultants, and investors noted that the firms in Qatar are having a positive impact on e-commerce world-wide and the country’s industry is gaining momentum.

Small business owners face unique challenges as they seek to scale up, grow margins and diversify their customer-base, all while complying with government regulations. 

Theqa is Qatar’s first e-commerce trustmark, which offers not only immediate credibility, but also access to new business opportunities and improved knowledge and skills through best practice guidelines, the Ministry said on its website.

MCIT is trying to fill the gap by bringing in the Theqa trustmark for customers in the country. 

The entire objective of this initiative is inspiring trust and confidence within the buyers so that they can make informed decisions and it supports the entire e-commerce system by helping to do with various guidelines and technology and design and development of the product, to ensure the payment gateways are much secure.

Many companies in Qatar have received the Theqa trustmark and more than 350 companies obtained it last year. In 2019 there were about 45 organisations and in 2020 it rose to 125. In 2021 around 250 companies got the Theqa trustmark as they were qualified and are displaying it on their websites. 

Through its website, the Ministry provides the public and the retailers with all information related to the e-commerce market in Qatar. This includes a list of website providers, e-payment gateways and logistics providers, support, coaching, incubation and corporate finance programmes, opportunities and initiatives, as well as best online shopping practices and tips that ensure a secure and reliable online shopping experience.

The Ministry also organised several webinars last year, educating e-commerce merchants about e-commerce fundamentals, best practices, and international standards and addressing the challenges that e-commerce businesses face. Over six months, 12 webinars were held in Arabic and English. The attendees benefited from Theqa certified SMEs experiences and success stories during the panel discussions.

The webinars covered carefully selected topics to achieve the greatest possible benefits. As an introduction, the series covered the e-commerce ecosystem in Qatar and its benefits. MCIT’s eCommerce guidelines followed this, which served as the guiding principles with tips and best practices in setting up an e-commerce store in the country.


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