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Railways Floats Tender To Redevelop Secunderabad Station At ₹653 crore

South Central Railway on Saturday (Jun 11) floated a tender for the redevelopment of Secunderabad railway station at an estimated cost of about Rs 653 crore

Secunderabad is a major intercity junction railway station and a commuter rail hub in the Hyderabad urban area. It also serves as the hub of South Central Railways.

The redevelopment project will be executed in an EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction model, with the successful bidder expected to be complete the project within 36 months from the date of award of tender. Under ‘EPC model’, the contractor holds the responsibility towards the design, procurement, construction, commissioning and handover of a project.

Under the redevelopment plan of Secunderabad railway station, a new three-storey station building encompassing 22,516 square meters will be constructed in the north sude. The existing south-side building will be extended and developed with G+3 floors – 14,792 sq.mts.

Construction of double storey sky concourse of 108 metres width with first tier will serve for passengers and second tier will serve for public as a rooftop plaza of 24,604 sq.mts. A mutli-level (five levels) parking has been planned at the north-side of the station.

A multi-level (to set up parking on five levels) north of the station is also proposed as part of the station redevelopment project. In addition, a separate underground parking lot will be set up on the south side of the station. Special entry and exit lanes (drop off and pickup areas) will be provided. This will ensure that the departing passengers will not have any difficulty in moving the vehicles. In addition, a 5000 kV solar power plant will be set up.

South Central Railway has taken up the redevelopment of the three main stations in the division – Tirupati, Nellore and Secunderabad.

Secunderabad railways station was originally set to be redeveloped by Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation (IRSDC) that was set up for the redevelopment of stations across the country. IRSDC had even called for bids at an estimated cost of ₹282 crore to have “airport” like separate arrivals, departures, food courts, clean toilets, shops, etc. for 5.62 acres of area in and around Secunderabad station and 96,243 sq.mts of main building for real estate development.

However as part of ongoing efforts to rightsize the Railways , the Railway Board has issued an order to shut down IRSDC. The Railway Board has now entrusted zonal railways to take up the stations redevelopment plans.

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