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Real Estate Professional Andretta Robinson’s Statement on the O’Block Project in Chicago – The Southland Journal

Real Estate Professional Andretta Robinson’s Statement on the O’Block Project in Chicago (Chicago, IL) – Is the O’Block project prime real estate? Here are my thoughts!


Patricia Bonk for State Rep

So Look… I’m sure a lot of you don’t know what property, this is, in Chicago. Let me tell you. This is Parkway Gardens. Home of many famous rappers. It was also named O-Block by some of its former and current residents. Chicago’s infamous low-income property and a Gold mind. Welp, O Block has been sold!

Old newss, right. Sold in MAY of last year! I checked public records, and I can’t find the transaction. My research is on point! I couldn’t find it. I’m sure they purchased it in an LLC or some type of corporation. That’s what the BIG BOYS DO. Rumors circulated that Famous Rapper, Trucking Business owner as well as Real Estate owner, Lil Durk wanted to buy O-BLOCK at whatever price they were selling it for. I’ll talk later about how young rappers are investing their money!

He could have put up 1 billion dollars. They would never have sold it to him. Let me tell you why… Believe it or not, Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood has a very rich history that no one speaks about.


Monica Gordon for Cook County Commissioner

Here is what the new owners will get:

  1. 10-minute walk from the Obama Library, which will become a National Monument because it’s the home of the first Black President of the United States.
  2. 10-minute walk from the University of Chicago which ranks number 10 of Universities in the COUNTRY. World Class Education in Woodlawn.
  3. 15 minutes from the Obama Home which will become a National Monument. It’s in Hyde Park.
  4. 5 Minutes from the Home of Mamie and Emmit Till (I’ll bet no one knew this fun fact). O Block is literally down the Street from the Emmit Till Home.
  5. 10 minutes from the University of Chicago Hospital. The hospital is fairly new. It was built by Gary Comer less than 25 years ago.
  6. New construction everywhere.
  7. 10 minutes driving from the South Shore Golf Course and Country Club. The Club part is no longer open, but the course is open. Tiger Woods tried to rename and extend the course but Wild Life lovers shot that ISH DOWN! Sooo, it’s a no go.
  8. 10 Minutes from Lake Michigan, Beach, Bike Trail and BOATING! You can dock your boat in South Shore.
  9. 15 minutes’ drive to the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue)
  10. 15 minutes from IIT Chicago and Free Tuition at the University if your family makes $125,000 or less.

Lastly….Michelle Obama is a former employee of the University of Chicago, as an Associate Dean of Student Services.

Real Estate Professional Andretta Robinson’s Statement on the O’Block Project in Chicago

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