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Real estate sales prices impacted by neighboring homes appearances


You’ve just decided to sell your home and put it on the market. You haven’t so much as put the for sale sign in the yard when you notice pieces of siding falling off your neighbor’s house.

Cutline: Communication with neighbors is important when selling your home. Offering to help with minor repairs or clean up a neighbor's property can go a long way in maintaining good relationships as well as mutual property values.

It could be old shingles, an even older car that isn’t covered up, a dead tree that needs removal, ruts from large trucks parking on a grass easement, or a huge spot of unsightly mildew badly needing a good pressure washing.

How is the best way to handle this situation that doesn’t lead to flaring tempers, resentments, a lower sale price, or legal action, which is usually the last course of action you want.

Eric Thompson, owner and residential real estate specialist of Thompson Homes Real Estate Group in New Bern offers some suggestions that might prove a win-win for seller and neighbor.


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