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A housing developer has purchased property in the town of Chautauqua, although no plans have been announced.

Gill Family Properties, LLC of Ohio purchased three parcels of property on Beach Hill and Walker Road in the town of Chautauqua for $275,000. According to their website, the company provides quality apartments and townhomes in Missouri and Kentucky. An email sent to the company asking what their plans were for the property was not returned.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate sales made in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the period of April 18-29, which is when the Chautauqua town property sales were recorded.

Also during that time, Shults Real Estate LLC of Lakewood sold seven parcels in the city of Jamestown to Tte Realty LLC of Lakewood for $4 million, although this may have been an internal transfer. According to, Tte Realty has an address of 181 E. Fairmount Ave., Lakewood, where Shults is located. The parcels were located on Washington Street and Fluvanna Avenue, which are Shults properties.

Over those two weeks, there were another 11 sales that were $250,000 or higher, all by indiviudals. Of the 11 sales, two were in Lakewood, two were in North Harmony, two were in the town of Chautauqua, one was in Fredonia, one was in Cherry Creek, one was in Sheridan, one was in Clymer and one was in Kiantone.

The breakdown of those are as follows:

¯ 19 Whittier Ave., Chautauqua Institution sold for $635,000.

¯ 35 Winchester Road, Lakewood sold for $510,000.

¯ 50 W. Terrace Ave., Lakewood sold for $500,000.

¯ 342 Central Ave., Fredonia sold for $382,000.

¯ 20 Unit D5 Elm Lane, NorthShore at Chautauqua sold for $355,500.

¯ 5208 Bly Hill Road, Ashville, sold for $307,000.

¯ 690 Clymer Hill Road, Clymer sold for $295,000.

¯ 6371 Pickup Hill Road, Cherry Creek sold for $270,000.

¯ 2319 Fardink Road, Ashville sold for $266,500.

¯ 2655 South Ave., Kiantone sold for $252,000.

¯ 3467 New Road, Sheridan to Ethan sold for $250,000.

The full list of sales are as follows:

APRIL 18-22

A referee for the Gerry King Estate sold 7178 Beech Hill Road, town of Chautauqua to U.S. Bank National Association for $75,842.

Romayne Rutski, Nicholas Sobecki, Mark Sobecki, Roberta Krystofiak and Gerald Sobecki Jr. sold 102 S. Warsaw St., Dunkirk to Paul Migliore for $140,000.

Mark and Patricia Spelman sold property on Seventh Avenue, Westfield to Steven and Denise Stiglmeier for $4,000.

Christien Reid sold 1840 Lake Road, Sheridan to Roy and Shelby Daniels for $170,000.

Patrick and Brittany Foss sold 9075 Round Top Road, Villenova to Justin Miller for $39,000.

Matthew Radecki sold 720 Harding Ave., Jamestown to Deborah and James Dandrea for $120,000.

Sandra and Dustin Ledden sold 6758 Route 5, Portland to Darby and Meg Covert for $235,000.

Hine & Company LLC of Jamestown sold 46 Charles St., Jamestown for $25,000.

Mark and Linda Gugino sold 342 Central Ave., Fredonia to Edward and Madeline Barnes for $382,000.

Robert and Kelly DuBois sold 35 Winchester Road, Lakewood to Robert and Ann Marie Gross for $510,000.

David and Jemima Mast sold 6371 Pickup Hill Road, Cherry Creek to Eli Hostetler, Levi Hostetler and Lydiaan Hostetler for $270,000.

Kurt Knight sold vacant property on Crestwood Drive, Cherry Creek to Douglas Miller for $8,000.

Louis Guzzetta sold 1 Walnut St., Forestville to Matthew Thompson for $237,000.

Trevor Hawley sold 623 Palmer St., Jamestown to John Shoop and Jayne Carlson for $115,000.

Mary Ann Sanborn sold 49.5 acres on Frew Run Road, Frewsburg to Dan Friedman for $115,000.

Bradley Seibert sold 906 Rt. 5 & 20, Hanover to Silver Baker Properties LLC of Silver Creek for $80,000.

APG Acquisitions LLC of San Clemente, Calif. sold 23 Barrows St., Jamestown to Fernando Moscoso for $75,000.

Vicki Westling sold 130 S. Ocelot St., Dunkirk to Juan Vazquez for $230,000.

Robbins Properties LLC of Westfield sold 27 Grove St., Westfield to Carol Best for $170,100.

James Pelletter, Mary Lynn Houghtalling and Patricia Donovan sold 23 Susann Court, Fredonia to Alexis DiPalma for $180,200.

Nelson Nobles sold 5561 Route 60, Stockton to Jason Stoddard for $105,911.

Rocket Mortgage LLC of West Palm Beach, Fla., sold 440 Miller Valley Road, Kennedy to Josefina Lizardo for $41,002.

Katie Conti sold 112 Chautauqua Ave., Jamestown to Adam and Kristina Malloy for $155,000.

The estate of Robert Daniels sold 3041 Route 430, Ellery to Kaila Harrison for $111,000.

Michael Kohler sold 6212 Welch Hill Road, Ripley to Bruce Kephart, Kimberly McCain, Robert Walker and Kellie Walker for $127,000.

The guardian for Jean Hoard sold 3970 S. Oriental Ave., Ellery to the Randall Graham custodian of Equity Trust Company for $64,500.

The Chautauqua County Land Bank Corp. sold 423 Swan St., Dunkirk to Ernest Torres for $500.

Bryant Hurlbut sold 409 Cherry Creek Leon Road, Cherry Creek to Gordon Carlson for $162,000.

Nelson Nobles sold property on Route 380, Ellery to Eric and Jessica Hill for $108,300. He also sold property to them on Route 380, Gerry for $45,000.

Bradley Schauman and Bryanne Widlund sold 2754 Burton Road, Busti to Amanda Ledgerwood for $154,000.

Kelly Bowen and Jaason Bowel sold 41 Mt. Vernon Place, Jamestown to Nate Walrod for $50,000.

The executor for Diane Montagna sold 18 Chambers St., Jamestown to David Odell for $63,500.

A referee for William Page sold 17 New York Ave., Dunkirk to BankUnited NA for $150,559.

A referee for Sharon Brace sold 10652 West Sheridan Drive, Sheridan to Limosa LLC of Seattle, Wash. for $50,000.

Scott Jastrzab sold 1021-1023 East Second St., Jamestown to Ross Ramsay and Thomas Bollman for $48,500.

Dorothy Sorrentino sold 625 Eagle St., Dunkirk to James Hurley Jr. for $90,000.

Barry and Denise Snyder sold 36 Myrtle St., Jamestown to Kristen Schnase for $37,000.

Christopher Rodriguez sold 435 Columbus Avenue, Dunkirk to EZ Property of WNY, LLC of Stockton for $43,000.

Frederick and Temple Webber sold 9440 Flucker Hill Road, Villenova to Jason Sack for $85,000.

George Olinger sold 958 Michigan St., Irving to Robert and Kristina Bourkney for $145,000.

Kai Chen sold 35 Babcock Ave., Silver Creek to Danyun Xie for $30,000.

John and Terry Carlson sold property on County Road 87, Villenova to Nelson Nobles for $8,814.

TMA Holdings LLC sold 26 E. Elmwood Avenue, Ellicott to Glenn Weaver for $38,000.

David Turek and Janice Van Every sold 24 Chestnut St., Jamestown to Jeffrey and Mary Goodwill for $42,500.

T&D Crowell Family Trust sold 353 Route 322, Villenova to Marcus Astry for $140,000.

Peter Zakriski sold 5241 Thornton Road, Ellington to Melinda and Richard Schrecongost for $120,000.

Russell and Sally Boehner sold 20 Unit D5 Elm Lane, NorthShore at Chautauqua, town of Chautauqua for $355,500.

Dale Warner sold 23 Maple St., Ellicott to Kyle Dunlap for $43,000.

James Mills sold 11 Gerald Ave., Busti to Morgan Perlette for $32,000.

Salvatore Liuzzo sold 48 Pinedale Ave., Jamestown to Kyle Liuzzo for $70,000.

James Mills sold 9 Gerald Ave., Busti to Nikolay Blyashuk for $37,000.

APRIL 25-29

Ryan and Anne Nelson sold 404 Falconer St., Jamestown to Kelley Nugent for $49,900.

Douglas and Michelle Harrison sold 421 Stowe St., Jamestown to John Galvin III for $61,500.

Kyle and Ashley Armstrong sold 240 Summit Ave., Jamestown to Kimberly Schuette for $153,500.

Christina Bair sold 13 Tew St., Jamestown to Dimitrios Theofilactidis for $60,000.

Deborah Felt, Cynthia Dietzen, Lisa Schrantz and David Metzger sold 3453 Rt. 5, Sheridan to Robert and Jennifer George for $225,000.

Kurt and Kathy Whitcomb sold property on Camp Street Extension, Ellicott to Skylar Carlson for $18,000.

Lisa Coleman-Schmid sold 34 Hazzard St., Jamestown to Zachary Brunacini for $35,000.

Atlee and William Wengerd sold 9034 Flucker Hill Road, Villenova to Peter and Debra Williams for $124,900.

Adam Hakes sold 1357 Newland Ave., Jamestown to Matthew Rothrauff for $129,000.

Kelly Lutz sold 24 N. Martin St., Dunkirk to Brittany Cerrie-Allen for $70,000.

Craig Florkowski sold 188 W. Main St., Fredonia to Ashley Laurito for $133,000.

David Schiska and Lorraine Sonntag sold 50 W. Terrace Ave., Lakewood to Rajmohan Sakthivadivel for $500,000.

A trustee with the Restatement of Trust Agreement of Lucille B. Piper sold 19 Whittier Ave., Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua to George and Susan Murphy for $635,000.

Nelson Nobles sold property on Mile Strip Road, Cherry Creek to John and Edna Hershberger for $30,000.

John Bauer sold 5 Sturges St., Jamestown to Wein Realty LLC of Lakewood, NJ for $48,500.

AnnMarie Hanley sold 2330 Mezzio Road, Sheridan to Gregory Vecchio for $170,000.

Shults Real Estate LLC of Lakewood sold seven parcels in the city of Jamestown to TTE Realty LLC of Lakewood for $4 million.

Michael and Carole Siverling sold 8705 E. Main St., Clymer to Fiamella Enterprise LLC of North East, Pa. for $94,500.

Charles Noble sold 2823 Route 426, Mina to Allen and Ida Gillion for $75,000.

Nathan Bailey sold property on Frew Run Road, Carroll to John and Denise Susz for $30,800.

Erika Clark sold property on Howard Avenue, Ellicott to Thomas and Sandra Calalesina for $13,000.

Michael and Judith Kurtz sold 6 Reese Parkway, Fredonia to Kenneth Langworthy for $183,000.

Salvatore Colletti sold 165 W. Fourth St., Dunkirk to Alvin and Vivian Robinson for $7,500.

Shalon and Danielle Corbett sold 417 Central Ave., Falconer to Elijah Roman for $125,000.

Dianne Kelley, Nadine Alessi, Julienne Tolin, Shannon Kelley, Jennifer Alessi, and James Alessi sold 3467 New Road, Sheridan to Ethan and Kelsey Mosier for $250,000.

Robert and Carrie Springer sold property on Pine Hill Road, Poland to Clifford and Barbara Sleasman for $5,800.

Best Home Offer LLC of Portland, Maine sold 19 Dewey Place, Jamestown to Marcus Hert for $82,500.

MSSC Development LLC of Falconer sold 123 Chautauqua Ave., Jamestown to Deanna Reithel for $83,000.

Charles Gibson sold property on Sinclairville-Ellington Road, Charlotte to Walnut Tree Park Corp. of Sinclairville for $68,000.

Gary Higgs sold property on Mill Creek Road, Charlotte to David and Michelle Myers for $118,000.

Trustees of the Ladd Cordner Irrevocable Asset Protection Trust sold 5208 Bly Hill Road, Ashville, town of North Harmony to Brian and Jennifer Cavanaugh for $307,000.

Kyle and Kelsey Nickerson sold vacant property on Hodge Road, Gerry to Lawrence Jr. and Marcia Johnson for $3,000.

Brody and Kathy Howard sold 690 Clymer Hill Road, Clymer to Jarrod and Alice Cook for $295,000.

Matthew John Robert Mattocks sold 5 Loomis St., Ripley to Matthew Fowler and Bailey Freligh for $72,500.

Brett and Cheryl Stearns sold 407 West Everett St., Falconer, to Annette Hilbert, Joshua Jackson and Amanda Jackson for $130,000.

Ronald Littlejohn sold 42 Case Ave., Lakewood to Lawrence and Patricia Borowski for $45,000.

The George and Ellen Newman Revocable Trust sold 2869 Greenhurst Ave., Ellery to Andrew Schuellerman for $195,000.

Andrew McCandless and Hillary Widrig sold 2655 South Ave., Kiantone to Ralph and Rhonda Rasmusson for $252,000.

Fredrick and Beth Blackburn sold 8667 W. Main Road, Westfield to Colleen McCarthy and Nancy Bourne for $69,900.

Michael and Adele Harrington sold 808 Edgewater Drive, Westfield to Mark and Jill Beech for $126,000.

Daniel Burkholder sold 1442 Route 474, Clymer to John Burkholder Jr. and David Burkholder for $15,000.

West Jamestown, New York Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, sold 3454 Baker St. Extension, Ellicott to Mt. Zion Assembly Inc. of Jamestown for $225,000.

Lisa Borrello sold 13 Arch St., Silver Creek to Herman Rosenlund for $20,000.

Joel and Elizabeth Daniels sold 2319 Fardink Road, Ashville, town of North Harmony to Matthew and Shelly Johnston for $266,500.

Madelyn Troutner sold 747 Fairmount Ave., Ellicott to Dominique Rammelt and Brittany Fardink for $121,000.

The executor for the last Will and Testament of Brian Draves sold 511 Swan St., Dunkirk to Homayoun Ghaderi for $24,066.

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