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Record number of buses with migrants roll into NYC’s Port Authority

A record number of buses carrying migrants rolled into New York City on Sunday — only adding more pressure to a shelter system already overwhelmed by asylum seekers.

At least nine busloads arrived from the Texas border to the Port Authority by mid-afternoon, one bus more than last week’s previous apparent record of eight in a single day.

Typically, between 40 and 50 migrants are on each bus before they are dropped off and assisted by the city and non-profits.

Sunday’s record bus number comes as Texas officials angry over President Biden’s border policies have been ramping up the amount of migrants they’ve been transporting to “progressive” cities such as New York.

On Friday, an aid worker at the Port Authority told The Post, “Before, it used to be one or two [buses] a day, three days a week.

Immigrants from Central and South America, sent by bus from Texas Gov. Abbot, arrive in Manhattan.
Daniel William McKnight

“Now it’s six or seven in a day and almost every day, sometimes even at night,’’ the worker said, noting that the ramp-up began about two weeks ago.

On Saturday, six buses arrived to the city from El Paso. Many of the migrants said they came from Venezuela.

On Sunday, The Post observed several of the buses from Texas come into the Port Authority with children and their families. Non-profit organizations greeted the weary but smiling travelers, who were ushered to an area to receive care and supplies from the organizations helping out.

Dozens of the migrants were then expected to board buses and be taken to the city’s already packed shelters.  

The record bus number comes as Texas officials angry over President Biden's border policies.
The record bus number came as Texas officials have expressed their anger over President Biden’s border policies.

The recent tidal wave of migrants to the Apple has helped lead to what homeless advocates have called the worst crisis for the system in more than a decade.

As The Post exclusively reported Saturday, the Bellevue Men’s Shelter in Manhattan has turned into a tinder box of newly arrived migrants, unhinged vagrants and sex offenders that’s threatening to explode in the once-quiet residential neighborhood.

The city shelter system has been forced to use 23 “emergency” hotels to help handle the thousands of migrants who have arrived in Gotham in recent weeks. 

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