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Reddit user builds Pokemon paradise in Minecraft. Can they catch’em all?

A Reddit user by the name u/TheGoofyGE3K has set the Minecraft world ablaze with their impressive creations! The talented gamer has taken on the challenge of building Pokemon creatures in Minecraft survival mode and the results are nothing short of incredible.

Squirtle made by u/TheGoofyGE3K in Minecraft

With 14 different Pokemon designs shared on Reddit, u/TheGoofyGE3K has showcased an impressive range of skills and dedication. Among the impressive designs are Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Arbok, Bulbasaur, and others – all painstakingly crafted using the game’s building blocks.

Screenshot of u/TheGoofyGE3K's post on Reddit
Screenshot of u/TheGoofyGE3K’s post on Reddit

..>Link to u/TheGoofyGE3K’s Reddit post.

Each Pokemon has been brought to life with impressive attention to detail, from Pikachu’s iconic red cheeks to Arbok’s menacing eyes. Number of comments flowed below the post asking u/TheGoofyGE3K to build different Pokemon.

Pikachu made by u/TheGoofyGE3K in Minecraft
Pikachu made by u/TheGoofyGE3K in Minecraft

The post has generated a lot of attention on Reddit, with Pokemon and Minecraft fans alike flocking to see the incredible creations. One user commented, “Them other 994 gonna take a while.”

Another user asked, “These look amazing! Do you have a rough plan when deciding which Pokémon to build, or are you open to requests?”

The Redditor replied, “I’m mostly winging it/making what works for certain farms. Ferrothorn is an iron farm. Combee a honey farm. String from spinarak, creepers from Drifblim, flowers from Bellossom. Exeggutor is a villager trading hall with a melon/ pumpkin farm. Some are decorative. Some are useful lol”.

With each build taking hours to complete, we can’t wait to see what this talented gamer will create next!

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