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reliance retail: JioMart witnesses 7x growth in monthly orders via WhatsApp


Partnership with Meta has boosted JioMart’s growth in terms of monthly orders by seven times via WhatsApp compare to year-ago period, Reliance Retail said on Friday. The platform has
also enabled a six times month-on-month growth in new customer conversion on JioMart-on-WhatsApp, it said.Muskesh Ambani owned Reliance Retail partnered with Meta last year to provide JioMart-on-WhatsApp, which aims to provide millions of businesses across the country to connect with their consumers and a simple shopping experience. “We have witnessed a 6X month-on-month growth in new customers coming from this platform. We have been expanding our offerings on the platform and now have multi-categories available on the catalogue, from groceries and fashion to electronics,” said Sandeep Varaganti, CEO of JioMart.

JioMart will also be able to offer collections from the Reliance Jewels range soon, he added.

The company boasts to have boosted India’s digital transformation journey through this partnership.

Sandhya Devanathan, Vice President of Meta India remarked that business messaging is an area with real momentum, and these chat-based experiences like that of JioMart-on-Whatsapp will be a game-changer around the world.

“The growth JioMart has seen since both sales and customer acquisition on WhatsApp is a testament to the fact that businesses and people are finding messaging to be the faster, more convenient way to get things done,” she said.

As part of its first anniversary celebrations, the retail giant announced that JioMart will be offering discounts up to 70% on products across categories on WhatsApp shopping.

With the JioMart-Meta partnership, the company enables customers to place unlimited orders as per their convenience on WhatsApp.


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