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Remembering Issey Miyake- The New Indian Express

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The Japanese designer’s demise has left a void in the fashion world. TNIE speaks to designers from Kerala about his influence on them

Jebin Johny, designer and founder of Jebsispar
Miyake always explores the fabric and its relationship with the human body. We all have a personal unconscious relationship with the fabrics we wear. Also, his idea of finding beauty in the unfinished and neglected has influenced me. Personally Miyake’s ‘Pleats Please’ is what I adore the most.The light and slender pleats look simple. His words, “I do not create a fashion aesthetic, I create a style based on life” is so powerful, that I resonate with them. The clothes I design tell my story and it gives a sense of ultimate satisfaction. Issey Miyake’s perfumes too have a separate fan base. 

Gayathri Mohan, content creator
I truly resonate with his philosophy of ‘why bother designing unless you have a unique point of view’ in every aspect of my career. This varied thinking is what makes him a pioneer in the fashion world. Most of Miyake’s couture has a shape. And they are comfortable. His incorporation of technology gave freedom of movement and functionality in fashion. His collection finds harmony between texture and colours. In short, his creations are nothing less than ‘wearable art’. I find his moulded breastplate collection iconic. Issey always goes an extra mile for his fashion shows. These events were like a play. This kind of show quality will be sorely missed by the fashion world.

Sreejith Jeevan, designer and founder of Rouka
I first heard of Issey Miyake while studying textiles at the National Institute of Design. His works are indeed a dream of every design student. The reason is he created a new context and defied the norms of what is conventionally thought to be fashion. Miyake effortlessly brings together wearability and drama- an approach that he pulled off with such ease. Of all his works my favourite would have to be APOC- ‘A Piece of Cloth’ collection. As a textile designer, seeing how one piece of cloth can transform into such unique pieces and that too with minimal wastage was inspiring. Also in most of his works he has gracefully brought together modernity and tradition on the same platter. This has inspired me deeply. 

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