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Renewable Energy Update – August 2022 | Allen Matkins


Yale Environment 360 – July 28

From the ground, the new solar farm shimmers like a mirage oasis on a hot summer day. Instead of row after slanting row of shiny panels stretching taller than corn, this array, mounted directly on the earth, lies flat as water. Yet despite its modest stature, this new type of photovoltaic plant — one of five now producing a combined 2.5 MW of energy in California’s Central Valley — can match the output of conventional solar farms nearly three times its size. The farm is one example of developers working to help meet the burgeoning global demand for green energy by lightening the footprint of solar farms.

Bullet Solar Power World – August 2

The U.S. community solar market will continue to grow over the next five years, with at least 7 GW of community solar expected to come online in existing markets between 2022-2027. New program guidance for community solar programs in existing markets and potential new community solar markets will bring significant growth for the U.S. community solar market, according to new research released by Wood Mackenzie in collaboration with the Coalition for Community Solar Access.

Bullet Carlsbad Current Argus – August 3

New Mexico joined a six-state pilot community solar program created by the federal government as the state enacted its own state-level regulations to bring solar power and electric bill savings to low-income customers. The U.S. Department of Energy said it hoped the pilot program would result in community solar systems being used to create $1 billion in savings by 2025 – powering the equivalent of 5 million homes in the six states.

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