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Report: 84% of IT Leaders are Not Happy with their B2B E-Commerce Solution

IT leaders aren’t too happy with their current B2B e-commerce solution, according to an independent evaluation performed by Sapio Research. Many B2B e-commerce solutions are misaligned with the organization’s goals, which is causing frustration for IT and imposing costs and missed opportunities for businesses.

In Sana Commerce’s IT Leaders Outlook on B2B e-Commerce ‘22/23 report, about 84% of IT leaders are not happy with their B2B e-commerce solution. IT leaders (92%) shared at least one frustration with their sales platform. At least 67% of respondents reported their current B2B e-commerce solution does not have all the features they want.

Instead of making life easier for IT teams, e-commerce solutions are causing higher levels of maintenance and diverting internal resources away from other projects. At least 29% of IT leaders report a high-level of maintenance when it comes to managing these platforms.

When it comes to budgets, IT managers expect to spend on average 37% of the budget on the integration of new software with their existing IT landscape.

On average, 2-3 people in the IT department work on the B2B portal, where 41% is spent on ongoing maintenance.

Revenue at Risk

On average, 188 orders are at risk each month due to downtime, per the report. One in 10 IT leaders claim more than 500 orders a month are at risk due to downtime. Survey respondents also report that on average $244,499 of online sales are at risk for the company per year due to e-commerce solution downtime.

“The risks and costs of B2B e-commerce can seem intimidating,” said Arno Ham, CPO of Sana Commerce, in a statement. “This is why it has never been more important for IT leaders to rely on their expertise and let their voice be heard during business discussions. IT professionals have the experience and knowledge to be business navigators too.”

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