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MOHALI: Fatal accidents have shot up from 266 in 2021 to 297 last year in the district in a rise of 11%, according to a report submitted with the Punjab government.

“The Road Safety Analysis and Identification of Accidents” report carried out by road safety engineer Charanjeet pointed out that 492 accidents took place in 2022 in which 297 people died, 239 were seriously injured and 81 escaped with minor injuries, suggesting that around 25 lives were lost every month on an average on Mohali roads. In 2020, 258 people had died and 288 in 2019.

Zirakpur, Derabassi, Lalru, Sadar Kharar and Sohana contributed to nearly 62% of the total fatalities of 821 in the last three years, according to the report.

Harman Singh Sidhu of Arrive Safe, a road safety NGO, said, “There are major flaws in the design of roads, especially inner roads joining the highways. Firstly, such spots do not have proper markings and caution boards for traffic joining the highway, where fast moving vehicles pass. Secondly, most of the roads are having poor design.” District-wise Mohali ranked at number 4 when it came to road fatalities against per million population in the state.

The report said 52% of the total fatalities on Mohali roads were of two-wheeler riders.

A total of 155 two-wheeler riders died in the 297 accidents in 2022. The second most fatalities are that of pedestrians at 83 and the third are cyclists at 22.

Sidhu said, “Two-wheeler riders, cyclists and pedestrians generally fall victims to road accidents because they do not have separate lanes to ply, a service lane along highways for safe travel. High-speed vehicles on a highway tend to take time for braking if a two-wheeler or pedestrians or a cyclist suddenly comes in front of the vehicle, resulting in a fatality. Proper markings on highways and having separate lane for two-wheelers will make it safer for all.”

The report further pointed out that national highway 152, the Ambala-Chandigarh highway passing through Zirakpur, was the most-fatality prone in the district with 66 deaths last year. The second was national highway 205, Kharar-Kurali highway, with 32 fatalities.

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