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Report: Retail As Media

This PSFK guide is a special report that looks at the rise of retailer owned media networks. It provides perspectives and implications for brands, advertisers and retailers looking to leverage this rapidly evolving marketing channel. And, ideas around how to utilize these networks to deliver enhanced consumer experiences.

Executive Summary

Advertising and shopping have both seen a huge shift towards digital domination, and the pandemic only served to accelerate that. Yet only recently did the two disciplines begin to merge in very interesting ways.

As of 2021, Amazon has invested over $31 billion in its own advertising business, beginning a trend that is only in its infancy. Conversely, Apple has updated its ad policy to be an opt-in feature, greatly impacting retailers ad revenue. In response, rather than work in tandem with media agencies as a key ad buyer, retailers have begun to establish their own media networks.

With access to a swath of proprietary, first-party data and the marketing world moving away from cookie-based targeting, it seems like the perfect storm for retailers to build their own media networks. Not only do they have more control over content, but they also glean far more insights about whether or not their advertising has been successful and are starting to get very creative about ways in which to reach their customers.

Report Overview

Within this report, PSFK iQ researchers detail the strategies powering the emerging retail media, as leaders explore new big data funnels, leverage store-based interactions, adopt the role of ad agency and ultimately create their own media networks.

What You Will Learn From This Report

  • How retailers are leveraging big data to understand and reward their customers at scale
  • Why retailers are extending their services and categories, feeding additional data streams into the media networks
  • That brands are acting as ad agencies, connecting retail partners with targeted consumer insights
  • H brick-and-mortar stores are becoming media centers in their own right
  • Understand how connected stores are also providing localized personalization

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